How does online divorce work?

We are here to walk you through every step of the process and make it as simple and painless as possible.

Most Often Asked Questions

Is Online Divorce Legal And Recognized By The Courts?

ABSOLUTELY YES. Online divorce is effective and recognized no different then the traditional expensive divorce process using attorneys.

How Long Does The Online Divorce Process Take?

Most online divorces take between 8 to 12 months.

How Does Divorce So Easy Online Divorce Work?

Our simple process begins by answering a series of questions about your marriage, property, income, expenses, and children if any.

We then have you invite your spouse into the DSE Spousal Portal to review and sign off on the information. The DSE Spousal Portal also offers the opportunity for you and your spouse to discuss and adjust any of your answers. Need be, we also offer our DSE online mediators to help you both work through any issues.

From there, using that information our system automatically generates your specific forms and divorce documents. Our processing department will have these forms delivered to you and your spouse for signatures.

As soon as they are signed by both parties we will assist in guiding the parties as needed to file online or properly deliver these documents to the proper court for the county clerk to accept the paperwork and for the judge to schedule an uncontested hearing and sign the final judgment of divorce.

If any amendments are requested by the judge, DSE at no additional fee will work with you in making the required modifications.

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How it works

  • Complete your forms
    Answer basic questions about your marriage, property, income, expenses, and children if any and our website will generate the forms necessary to file for your divorce.
  • Invite your Spouse
    Once you have completed your information, we invite your spouse to review and either approve or provide you an alternative answer.
  • Submit your forms
    When all the responses are agreed upon by both you and your spouse, click on the SUBMIT button for your custom online form generation. The site does it all.
  • We file for you
    We will email you your completed forms ready for filing with complete instructions.

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