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Once you finish the process we will provide all the documents needed to file for divorce.

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Divorce So Easy’s team is made up of nationally recognized divorce experts. We have helped hundreds of couples untie the knot and are now here to guide and help you. With clear instructions and vidoes to explain the process, getting your divorce filed is Divorce So Easy!


Traditionally the divorce process has been a difficult road with expensive lawyers. With Divorce so Easy the process is affordable and provides complete solutions.


How it works

  • Complete your forms
    Answer basic questions about your marriage, property, income, expenses, and children if any and our website will generate the forms necessary to file for your divorce.
  • Invite your Spouse
    Once you have completed your information, we invite your spouse to review and either approve or provide you an alternative answer.
  • Submit Your Forms
    When all the responses are agreed upon by both you and your spouse, click on the SUBMIT button for your custom online form generation. The site does it all.
  • Your Forms Are Ready for Filing
    We will email you your completed forms ready for filing with complete instructions.
Meet Vikki Ziegler

Meet Vikki Ziegler

Vikki Ziegler is an American lawyer and author. Her book the Pre-marital Planner: A Complete Legal Guide to a Perfect Marriage was published in 2012, and from 2014 to 2016 she was the focus of the reality television show Untying the Knot on Bravo. She practices matrimonial law and is a founding partner in the firm Ziegler, Resnick & Epstein, and has her new podcast Naked Encore in iTunes now.

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“This site was super informative and helped me file for a divorce that was easy and stress free.”

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“Very easy to navigate and file for a divorce as well as receiving the best outcome for my case.”

B.P. – January 2023

“Extremely satisfied with the production of documents and being able to file for a divorce and settle my matter.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

On this site with the platinum and premier packages you have the option to pursue the services of a qualified nonlawyer to assit with any sepecified open issues in your plan.

Either partner in a marriage, civil union or domestic partnership can file for divorce as long as at least one member of the couple lives in the state. If you formed a domestic partnership or a civil union but now live elsewhere, you might not be able to dissolve the relationship legally in your new state. In that case, you can file in the county where the civil union or partnership took place.

Divorce is a legal action brought in Court that ends or “dissolves” a marriage. A divorce is granted when a Judge signs an Order called a Judgment of Divorce. This Order is also referred to as a Divorce Decree.

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